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Data Resources & Tools

bullet Australian Species Data
bullet ENSEMBL Genome Browser
bullet MEME Suite Co-developed at the University of Queensland, MEME-Suite is now located at meme-suite.org . Any queries about its functionality or uses can be sent to meme-suite@uw.edu .
bullet GT-Scan Developed in Australia and maintained by Aidan O’Brien at CSIRO. Any queries about GT-Scan can be sent to gt.scan.contact@gmail.com .
bullet NCI-SF The NCI-SF facility is now closed. Submit a query here for advice from VLSCI experts on the best place to run your bioinformatics jobs.


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Featured Services

  • Data Submission & Integration with BRAEMBL

    As part of EMBL Australia’s mandate to further Australian interests in global research, the BRAEMBL data integration service assists Australian scientists to integrate their molecular data into the global data infrastructure and to have better access to data, tools and services developed outside Australia.
    The European Bioinformatics Institute's (EBI) data resources, in particular the data archives, face a number of problems when serving Australian users that relate to the geographical separation (especially in network distances and collaboratively challenging extreme time zones). Beyond the interest in serving the Australian scientist, the archives require Australian data to be integrated into their systems to build and maintain comprehensive and unbiased coverage in their respective areas. Read more information here about our data submission services.

News update

January 2016

Report on Australian visit by Director, ELIXIR, Dr Niklas Blomberg. Full details.

December 2015

A/Prof Lonie announces appointment of Dr Vicky Schneider to newly created position of Deputy Director, EMBL Australia Bioinformatics Resource. Full details.

November/December 2015

Visit to Australia by Director, ELIXIR, Dr Niklas Blomberg - 30 November to 3 December. Full details.

October 2015

Recognition of the value of the Australian-made Genomics Virtual Laboratory (GVL) was boosted further this week with its publication on 26 October in PLOS One.  Genomics Virtual Laboratory: A Practical Bioinformatics Workbench for the Cloud outlines how a team of Australian researchers built the GVL to take the ‘IT’ out of bioinformatics.

Adopted both locally and overseas, and rolling out to more centres over 2015/16, the GVL has already been recognised as an aid to address the severe shortage of bioinformatics expertise around the world and manage the complex, multiple-layered data analysis tasks confronting life scientists today.

The GVL workbench is an accessible cloud-based genomics analysis environment with comprehensive tutorial materials and protocols, managed services and user support. There is a common platform for data analysis, tool development, and training, with a powerful interface for managing these services and resources.

Large installations at Monash, Queensland, Melbourne and Western Australian Universities and Australia’s largest cancer research group at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre will likely soon be followed by Sydney, Deakin, New South Wales and Tasmania Universities.... Link to full story.

May 2015

From 2015, through an agreement with EMBL Australia, this Resource has been relocated to the Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (VLSCI) which is funded by the Victorian Government and contributing institutions and hosted by the University of Melbourne. This petascale facility delivers expertise and systems for life sciences computing. This re-location is focussing the next phase of the development of the Resource on addressing the increasing demand for training and skills development in bioinformatics while concurrently continuing to develop tools and resources for the Australian research community and our international collaborators. VLSCI and UQ have most recently successfully rolled out the NeCTAR-funded Genomics Virtual Laboratory (GVL) and much of the training to be delivered will be offered on this platform.

This new agreement involves a network of service providers at nodes in Queensland (QCIF), New South Wales, (The University of Sydney Schools of Biological Sciences and Medicine), Western Australia (Centre of Excellence in Plant Biology), Adelaide, (University of Adelaide, Flinders University and SAHMRI) and Tasmania (Menzies Research Institute), making it a truly national resource.

The nodes will provide local training and researcher support, plus bioinformatics tools and platform access, modelled on the successful services delivered at VLSCI over the past five years.



EMBL Australia Bioinformatics Resource; The University of Melbourne; Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative

This project is supported by the Australian Government